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12th Mar 2014

VoR championships format
Weekly tourney with two divisions, over 1800 global (O1800) and under 1800 global (U1800)

Tourney format: Up to 8 players single elimination. Round of 8 BO1, Round of 4 BO3, Final BO5.

Tourney time: We have to decide this. I prefer Saturday evenings/nights GMT time.(mornings in pacific time, this is when we have a peak population on FAF) We need to decide on a specific hour and stick to it. Maps should be posted either on the website or on an FAF forum at least a few days prior.

Tourney sign ups: I prefer people posting on an FAF forum that they are interested during the week, then about 24 hours before tourney start we choose who plays who and post this either on the website or forums or elsewhere. I prefer that people are allowed to start playing as soon as we post this, but have to play for sure at the time of the tourney starting time. If someone is missing then we can replace them with someone who is on at the time but who has signed up during the week. We will have a problem if someone plays early and then doesn't show up for the next round at the official tourney time, in such a situation that game is diregarded and if the loser of that game is on at the time, they can replay the round against someone else.

To the winners: All winners should be documented in a section on the website, where we can post things like replay ID, their faction, country, comments, etc. It would also be nice to get some custom avatars that the winners could have for the following week, until there is another winner. Otherwise we can get them the generic tourney winner avatar. For the O1800 I would like to put up 25USD prize. For U1800 it would be nice to give them the option to join VoR, this could be a good recruiting tool of strong new players.(need Com's opinion on this) (Vor members can of course participate in either tourney)

Please post your thoughts and suggestions, I would like to get this started this weekend.

One thing we still need is a good name for the tourney. Maybe something like VoR invitational and the signup process a submission of interest.
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12th Mar 2014

weekly to biweekly


Map list -> Upcoming Tourney Maps
    Maps: Round 1 Saltrock Colony, Round 2 EOTS, loki, Canis River, Final Twin Rivers, Theta Passage, Forbidden Pass v4, Craftius Maximus, Cobalt Valley. Tie breakers: Crag dunes, Blasted Rock, repeat. I don't know how difficult it would be to actually get the pictures in there.

Previous Winners -> Champions
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12th Mar 2014

Definitely a great idea, will start setting up all the required functions a.s.a.p. Also, as we were discussing in main chat, we could just have the U1800 Prize be an avatar, with a "Option" to be considered for VoR application - if interested of course

As for getting the maps displayed, that wouldn't be too hard - There is always a way Once we have the maps more confirmed we'll get the display up right away.

Anyone with ideas, questions, comments or if you'd like to contribute in anyway at all feel free to reply here or PM either Primarily TA4Life, or Myself.

[Side note, anyone with the Banner ideas post your work here if you'd like]
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