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VoR Com 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 13th Mar 2014
Announcing a bi-weekly elite tourney, VoR Invitational O1800 (global rating) or O1600 (1v1 ladder rating)

Start: Saturday 15th of March at 1700 or 5PM GMT or 1000 or 10 am Pacific

Format: Single elimination: Round 1 BO1, Round 2 BO3, Final BO5.

Round 1: Saltrock Colony;
Round 2: EOTS, loki, Canis River;
Final Round: Twin Rivers, Theta Passage, Forbidden Pass v4, Craftius Maximus, Cobalt Valley.

Tie breakers: Crag dunes, Blasted Rock, repeat.

How to sign up: Post a reply in the FAF forums' VoR Invitational O1800 thread with your FAF name stating your interest in playing.

Selection: Approximately 24 hours prior to the start of the tourney all those who expressed interest will be given a number. If you have a number from 1-8 you can see who you play in round 1, by looking at the attached bracket and can play at any time before the tourney. If someone doesn't begin playing by the official tourney start time they can be replaced by someone with a number 9-infinity or someone who is online at the moment and wants to play. If you have played a round 1 game, report the result in this thread. If you play a round 1 game early and then don't show up for round 2, your round 1 game will be disregarded and the player you beat can play again against someone with a number between 9-infinity.

To the winner: Spot on the wall of fame on VoR website, Tourney winner avatar for 2 weeks(some custom ones in the future), 50 USD.

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