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Intergalactic Colosseum Season VI
VoR Com 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 27th Apr 2014
Hey everyone; it's that time again - Week 3 for the Intergalactic Colosseum Season VI
VoR_Tex told someone last night he cannot make it today  Sad times friends, I only hope enough can Rally together today to make things happen - Work will unfortunately keep me from participating, but if you all would like to use the site here to help organize yourselves; It's here for you! Also, I hope that this News Post at least gives everyone that's able to participate a decent heads up - It's Today!
Best of Luck VoRClan, I know you got this
 The format is as following :

2 1v1, best of three. Give 4 points for the winner of each Bo3.
2 2v2, best of one. Give 6 points for the winner.
1 3v3, best of one. Give 6 points for the winner.

The matches will take place every Sunday at 8pm GMT+2 / 6pm UTC :
http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.c ... ime-zone/gmt-plus-1/

The 2v2 and 1v1 will be played at the same time.
That's why each clan need at least 6 players + at least 2 backups. 

Maps for week 3
1v1 Bo3
  • Moonlight Pass
  • Red Rocks
  • Finn's Revenge
2v2 Bo1
  • Haven Reef (Spawns : 1221)
  • Saracuse
3v3 Bo1
  • Syrtis Major 3v3 - V1.1

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